Cover/Vinyl: EX/VG offer

Oriental Sunshine - Mother Nature / Visions SOLD


Rare original press from Holland of this great sitar acid folk double sider composed by the famous Norvegian band, Oriental Sunshine.
I have found this copy in a generic philips sleeve, no pic sleeve.
The record has light marks but it doesn't affect the sound, plays fine!!

Cover/Vinyl: VG+/EX offer

Morning Calm – Song Under A Tree SOLD


Very rare and relatively little known acid folk lp released in 1969 composed by Leo Gillespie, Didier Malherbe and Jerry Fied from Gong. Check the soundclip!!!
Shiny copy, just some superficial marks!!
Light wear on the edges and corners.

Cover/Vinyl: NA/EX 20€

Yar Et Yana - Le Thé / Donne Moi La Main / Combien De Fois / Je Marche Dans La Rue SOLD


Rare test press of this killer french pop EP under the supervision of Jean Bouchety.
Listen to the four tracks of this suprising 45, to range between pop, freakbeat, jerk and groove.
The record shows just some superficial marks, it plays excellent!!
Generic sleeve.

Cover/Vinyl: NM/EX offer

Embryo - News SOLD

Ultimate Records

Original press released in 2006.
Consistent avant garde progressive jazz rock lp composed by Embryo and issued by the Swiss label Ultimate Records. This LP was released with several cover artworks. The difference is the color of the printing on the front cover (red, orange,...).
The record shows some superficial marks but they don't affect the sound. It plays excellent.
Cover in NM condition!!! With insert!!!

Cover/Vinyl: VG/VG+ offer

Chico Magnetic Band - Pop Or Not / Inverse Pop SOLD


Original French press released in 1971.
Amazing 45 by The Chico Magnetic Band, produced by the "outsider" maestro, Jean Pierre Massiera, psychedelia meets musique concrete and electronic experimentation. A must have for every fans of weird stuff.
Record has several light marks, plays fine.
Light ring wear on the front cover, two little tears on the open edge. Light crease on one corner. With tab.

Cover/Vinyl: NA/VG++ 50€

The Royal Servants - Someone To Be With Me / Work Part II SOLD

Royal Corporation

Scarce 45 by The Royal Servants including "Work Part II" with heavy fuzz, Hammond organ, phasing effect in the mix and to finish monster drum break & freak out in the second part of the track.
Record has just some superficial marks, plays excellent!! Generic sleeve.

Cover/Vinyl: NA/VG++ 40€

Misty - Leavin' / Sunny Day SOLD

Wave Records

Unknown psych 45 by Misty, a great and beautiful obscurity from Switzerland, listen to the melancolic acid folk track, "Leavin" and the psych fuzz "Sunny Day".
Record has just some superficial marks, plays excellent.
It exists a cover but i found this copy in a generic sleeve.

Cover/Vinyl: NM/M offer

Mosaic - Ultimatum SOLD

Private Press

Original French press released in 1978. Rare lp, 500 copies pressed!!!
Monster outsider hard psych project by the Brebion brothers, Hubert and Yves – on drums and keyboards respectively, with Jean-Yves Escoffier on guitar and synths and Philippe Lemongne on bass and synths.
Here is what Yves Brebion wrote in the liner notes for the reissue of Ultimatum:
"Using musical violence, vocal paroxysm, and some frantic and frenzied guitar parts, committed to refined musical developments, Mosaic was a part of that avant-garde progressive rock with a strong taste for complex, polished, adventurous, aggressive and delirious music! "
Deadstock copy, in wonderful condition!!

Cover/Vinyl: NA/VG offer

Bob Seger System - 2+2=? / Death Row SOLD

Capitol Records

Original US press 45 including intense fuzz garage psych track "2+2=?".
Listen also the other side, "Death Row", terrific double sider!!!
Record has marks, you can hear background noises when the music isn't loud. Generic sleeve

Cover/Vinyl: EX/VG++ offer

Valerie Lagrange - Si ma Chanson Pouvait / I Love You so SOLD

Disques Evasion

Ultra rare 45 written and composed by Valérie Lagrange, produced by Jean Luc Meslay, and originally issued on BYG Records. I sell the original Swiss issue, made in France but released for the Swiss market with a different cover art.The French pressing is hard to find but this issue is much rarer!!!
Splendid soft psych pop 45, check "si ma chanson pouvait" with its ridiculous open break, groovy bass line, funky hammond and piano. The B side is sung in English with the same theme but more psych acid folk with great flute and acoustic guitar.
Shiny copy, some superficial marks but they don't affect the sound. The cover shows just some minor wears.

Cover/Vinyl: EX/VG++ 200€

The Kinetic - Live Your Life SOLD

Disques Vogue

Original French press on Vogue.
Rare and killer psych freakbeat lp composed by this little known UK band and released only in France in the 60's. Listen to the soundclip.
Record has several light marks but they don't affect the sound, plays excellent!!!
Cover shows minor wear on the top left corner, little tear on the back cover. In solid condition.

Cover/Vinyl: EX/VG+ 350€

Various Artists - Pop Festival '73 SOLD


Ultra rare and limited Greek psychedelic compilation from 1973 on EMI.
The music here is delivered by obscure bands from Greece. None of them ever released an album, only some of them released extremely rare 45s. They were actually competing one against each other in a contest organized at the time by Columbia. Expect fuzz guitars, wah-wah, drum breaks, crazy hammond and so on.
Enough speaking, check the long soundclip recorded here below!
The beautiful gatefold cover is in really great EX shape with only minor wear on corners. We could nearly say NM. And what a cover art! Genius!
The record is in VG+ condition with some marks but nothing deep fortunately. It plays great overall with some clicks/pops here and there and some light background noise that never overpowers the music. You won't see a copy of this soon!

Cover/Vinyl: VG+/VG+ 50€

Secret - Variations / That's My Life SOLD

M5 Records

Obscure psych 45 released only in Switzerland in 1967. The Secret came from Saint Louis, a small French town that is bordering Basel, Switzerland. Very hard to find, only few hundred copies of this private demo Single was made for promotion.
Record has light marks, no scuffs, plays fine, little sticker on one label.
Light creases and wear on the cover, one little sticker on the front and back cover.

Cover/Vinyl: NM/NM 100€

Il Balletto Di Bronzo - La Tua Casa Comoda / Donna Vittoria SOLD


Rare Italian 45 by the cult prog group, Il Balletto Di Bronzo.
The both tracks were only released on this 45, very hard to find and attractive psych prog groove double sider.
Check the soundclip!!!
Record and sleeve in superb condition!!!

Cover/Vinyl: VG/VG 100€

The Messengers - Hometown Heroes SOLD

Dae Do Records

Scarce very first pressing of this holy grail soundtrack from 1974 out of Korea (not the more common one with the red cover) with the original stamp on the label.
Deep psychedelic progressive funk with dark and macabre atmosphere delivered here by the Messengers. Their best work in my opinion. Expect raw fuzzy and wah-wah guitars, amazing organs and great drum breaks! Check the long soundclip here below! I've recorded the first track twice: once in its original pace and once in 45rpm -8 pitch to get a perfect Dusty Finger's type track. Many other great cuts to discover on this crazy record!
The cover is in VG condition and is fortunately still in one piece.Spines and corners are damaged.
The record itself is also in VG condition and shows numerous marks but nothing deep. It plays with background noise and clicks here and there but no skips nor jumps. It plays quite nice throughout thanks to a strong pressing. Still a nice copy overall compare to the other ones I've seen. But believe me this record is amazingly rare and impossible to find in great condition!

Cover/Vinyl: VG++/VG++ 60€

Neoton - Bolond Varos SOLD

Pepita Records

Hard to find Hungarian psych groove fuzz garage lp from 1970!!!
Check the soundclip of this incredible album to give you an idea. Highly recommended!!! Cool cover art too!!!
The record has some light marks but they don't affect the sound. It plays excellent!!! The cover have some light wears but nothing serious. Solid corners and edges, a great copy overall!!!!

Cover/Vinyl: NM/NM 50€

Gérard Gray - Le Poisson Vert / Virginie SOLD

Disques Evasion

Ultra rare original 1st press released in Switzerland on Disques Evasion.
It contains the cool soft psych pop "Le Poisson Vert" with groovy rhythm section, electronic space effect, weird lyrics, the whole produced by the famous Stephen Sulke!!
Beautiful stock copy in NM condition!!!!

Cover/Vinyl: VG+/EX 200€

Maxophone - S/T SOLD

Produttori Associati

Rare and in demand original Italian 1st press released in 1975.
Amazing prog lp by Maxophone including complex arrangements with jazz and classical pattern, high level of musical skill, a masterpiece in the genre.
Shiny copy, just some superficial marks, plays excellent!!
The cover shows light wear on edges and corners, nothing bad. Gatefold sleeve.

Cover/Vinyl: VG+/NM 200€

Trocarn - S/T SOLD

Studiovox Records

Original Swiss press released in 1977.
Rare low budget acid folk / prog lp privatly pressed by this Swiss obscure band!!!
This record is very hard to find outside Switzerland, a real rarity!!!
Shiny and clean copy, just some superficial marks, cover shows light wear on edges and corners.

Cover/Vinyl: VG+/EX 220€

Docmec - Objet Non Identifié SOLD

Javeline Records

Mega rare Swiss psych prog private press released in 1976.
Obscure symphonic prog lp similar to Carpe Diem or Pulsar. They used string ensemble, analog synthesizer, and some cool fuzz guitar solos too!! One side is recorded live and the other one in Studio.
The record looks clean and shiny. I only found some superficial marks and it plays excellent. A superb copy!! The cover shows light wear on edges and corners, no seam spit, writing or sticker.!!!