Cover/Vinyl: VG++/VG++ 100€

UT - Lucia (for you alone)/Moonchild


Seldom seen 45 out of Italy from 1975 on Bird by the progressive band UT.
This one features on side B the crazy "Moonchild" with heavy drum patterns, fuzzy bass and jazz flute. It starts with a killer funky drum break evolves with trippy guitars, jazz flute, and male scat vocals. Try the soundclip below!
The cover is in nice VG++ condition with minimal wear and a little tear on the opening side.
The record is also in VG++ condition with some superficial marks that don't affect the playing, it plays great!

Cover/Vinyl: VG+/VG++ offer

Don Nicoloff - Everybody's Pink Under The Skin SOLD

Pick Records

New discovery from the Holywax crew!!!
Unknown Swiss disco jazz funk fusion lp released in 1978 on Pick Records, the same label as Emphasis, Listen to "Stagecoach ", including a terrific horn jazz funk loop, scat vocal, acoustic guitar and flute solos, check also the disco funk track, "Everybody's Pink Under The Skin" containing plenty of 70's keyboard like the Clavinet, Fender Rhodes, Arp Odyssey, also a solid horn section and a great trumpet solo by Don Nicoloff but the best still the second party of this long track, check the soundclip!!!! There is a lot of excellent other tracks to range between, jazz fusion, AOR modern soul and disco. This record is very very hard to find. Strange cover too???
This copy shows some superficial marks, plays great!! Little tear on the front cover, light wear on corners and edges.

Cover/Vinyl: EX/VG++ offer

Richard Reimann - Mouvements

Private Press

Wow!!!! Here we have one of the rarest Swiss record, or rather a box, a beautiful box including one lp and a booklet with several lithographies signed by Richard Reimann.
This box is nearly impossible to find, only 150 pieces were privatly pressed by the artist in 1973. We are offering the n° 130. Just a little number of people aware of this gem, and most of them are from Switzerland.
The good surprise of this box is also the music. The lp contains some incredible tracks from trippy jazz groove, insane drama psych beat coloured by magnetic tape effects, to weird avant garde and outsider progish experiment... Check the soundclip!!!
This object is unique, unclassifiable, impacted by a real odd creativity and rare as hell...
Only few copies are known in Switzerland, that's all!!
Record has just some superficial hairline marks, it plays excellent!!
The booklet is in superb condition, the box shows minor wear on the front cover, otherwise, in solid condition.

Cover/Vinyl: VG+/VG++ 70€

Various Artists - Nationales Finale 1979 Open Air Rock & Pop Vol 2

EMI Records

Obscure and very hard to find Swiss only lp released for a national jazz rock / jazz fusion band contest in 1979, some good surprises inside like the amazing psych jazz groove track "Kreuzlingen Augst" composed by unknown band called Sic Ad Acta. I have tried to find some info about this band without result... Maybe their only recording...It's a shame!!! Some other great tracks in this compilation, more synth based prog, jazz fusion by obscure Swiss band like Ephesus or Fusion.
Record has just some light marks, shiny copy, plays excellent!!

Cover/Vinyl: VG+/EX offer

Third Eye - Connexion SOLD

Ring Records

Original German press from 1977.
Here we are a monster jazz funk fusion lp from this obscure sextet, Wilton Gaynair, saxes, Gerd Dudek, tenor sax & flute, Ali Haurand, acoustic bass, Frank Kollges, drums,, Rob Van De Broeck, Fender Rhodes and Arp Oddyssey and Steve Boston on congas.
Listen to the track, "Landings" including soft fusion theme, warm Rhodes, great synth and flute solos, but the best arrives after with fat drum break, spaced out mood, free stylish acoustic bass and sax solos... Listen also "Marroon Dance" including drum break, killer Fender Rhodes, synth and tenor sax solos... Check the soundclip!!!
The record has just some superficial marks, clean and shiny copy, just some light background noises when the music isn't loud.
The cover shows light wear on the edges and corners, little sticker residue on the back cover.

Cover/Vinyl: VG+/EX 30€

André Brasseur - Concorde / X


Original French press.
This 45 contains one of the best tracsk composed by André brasseur, "X" is an amazing hypnotic psych funk jam including heavy Hammond, fuzz guitar, strange screams, drums under echo effect, check the soundclip!!
Record has just some superficial marks, light general wear on the cover, with tab.

Cover/Vinyl: NM/VG++ 60€

Bruno Spoerri - The harp And The Whey OST

Swiss Cheese Union Inc.

Another rarity composed by Bruno Spoerri for a short movie about the Swiss cheese, cool concept, no??? But the craziest is the sound, a superb 4 tracks EP mixing deep jazz, rare groove, break beat with traditional Swiss instruments like accordion, alphorn, dulcimer, wooden and metal spoons... Check the soundclip!!! Never reissued!!!
The record has some light marks, no scuffs, plays fine!!! Cover in superb condition!!

Cover/Vinyl: M/M 100€

Crystal Thoughts - 1435 Miles

Giraffe Production

Monster contemporary psych lp from Greece composed and privatly pressed by Spiros Rouchotas in 2012 on his own label. This is his second lp, an outstanding performance plenty of different moods, from esoteric psych to dark cinematic attempt including Flute, Fender Rhodes, synthesizer, organ, fuzz and acoustic guitars, hot drums work, mystic vocals, it sounds like an obscure band from the 70's, the first time we listened this record, we thought it was a reissue.... one of our best discovery the last year!! Listen to the long soundclip to give you an idea!! Limited edition, just 196 copies was pressed, i sell the regular issue with laminated cover, black vinyl, hand numbered insert & back cover. now out of stock.

Cover/Vinyl: NA/EX offer

Michel Berger - Puzzle SOLD


Extremely rare French only promo copy 45 released for the promotion of the famous Michel Berger lp, "Puzzle". It contains two of the best tracks of the lp, listen to the soundclip!!! Rarer than the lp, a real collector for every european groove fan!!!
Clean and shiny copy, just some superficial marks!!!
Generic sleeve.

Cover/Vinyl: NM/VG++ 40€

Tonag Orchestra - The Ballad Of Munchhausen / A Walk Between

Tonag Produktion

Surprising lounge / jazz funk 45 from Switzerland including warm Fender Rhodes, and groovy guitar solo, beautiful theme!!!
The record is shiny and clean, just some superficial marks, plays fine!!
Cover in superb condition!!

Cover/Vinyl: VG+/VG++ offer

Zoom - Thin' Else SOLD

Imavox / Gold Records

Original Portuguese press released in 1979.
Obscure jazz funk fusion lp from this unknown Swiss band produced by Bruno Spoerri.
Listen to "Bloodbaker" including warm Fender Rhodes, dreamy horn line, analog synth over a strong hip hop beat, check also the jazz fusion track, "Letsa Eata Banana a Banana Witha Anna" with string synthesizer, b-boy to disco beat, electric violin, scat vocal...
The record has just some light marks, no deep scuffs, it plays fine!!!
The cover shows some light stains on the front and back cover, solid corners and edges.

Cover/Vinyl: VG/VG+ 50€

Augusto Alguero y Su Orchestra - S/T


Original Spanish pressing released in 1968.
Wowww!!! This rare lp contains the amazing Euro funk track "Bocaccio Soul" and other great sound including superb arrangements by Augusto Alguero and solid production!!!
The record shows some light marks but they don't affect the sound, nothing deep. It plays fine. Laminate wear on the front and back cover, light wear on the edges and corners.

Cover/Vinyl: VG/EX offer

Boillat Thérace Quintet - S/T SOLD


Original Swiss pressing released in 1974.
Hi quality jazz groove lp from the Boillat Thérace Quintet, privatly pressed by the band. This album is now very hard to find, even in Switzerland. Listen to their own composition like the jazz funk track "Cenovis, the cool version of the classic Freddie Hubbard song "Straight Life" from his CTI period, and the deep jazz "1224" with a cool flute solo by Raymond Thérace and, as always, the warm Fender Rhodes touch of Jean François Boillat. Great lp from the beginning to the end!!!!
The record is in EX condition with just some superficial marks that don't affect the sound. It plays excellent!!! There is a sticker from the Swiss radio on each label.
The cover has a seam split (8cm) on the upper edge.

Cover/Vinyl: VG+/VG++ 30€

Orchester Maurice Pop - Play Together

MPS / BASF Records

Original German press of this great late 60's pop jazz groove lp including a lot of scat vocal and the funky big band of Maurice Pop.
Listen to the soundclip!!! Cool psych cover too!!!
The record plays excellent, some light marks but they don't affect the sound!!!
Tears on the bottom of the front cover.

Cover/Vinyl: VG+/VG++ offer

Bitch Milk - Eskimo Heat SOLD

Metronome Records

Scarce original Swedish pressing from 1976 of this creative jazz funk fusion lp.
Listen to "eskimo heat", "funky roots", and "the despirator" including fat beats, groovy analog synth solos, clavinet, funky bass & guitar, and free form sax. High quality production!!!!
The record shows some superficial marks but they don't affect the sound quality.
Ring wear and little tear on the front and back cover, light general wear, no seam split.
Original metronome inner sleeve.

Cover/Vinyl: S/S 30€

Spiro Giacopuzzi - Frontal


Wow!!! Here's a new discovery offered by the Holywax crew. This unknown swiss only jazz fusion lp was released on the small Planisphare label in 1986. This album is a project of Laszlo Spiro on guitar and guitar synthesizer and Reto Giacopuzzi on drums. They were helped by Dusan Prusak on bass and flute, Walter Hoffmann on sax, and Art Lande on piano.
This lp contains the amazing "optimism's a chore", a killer drama hip hop beat but the craziest about this track is the ridiculous drum break all along. Check also "spazifisky", a long trippy jazz fusion piece and the intensive dark "olaf".
This copy is sealed from a deadstock, in perfect shape!!!!

Cover/Vinyl: M/M offer

Somebody - Think What You Like / Follow Me SOLD

EMI / Columbia

Deadstock copy in perfect condition of this obscure swiss group.
This is the original Italian pressing issued in 1974.
Great easy psych groove double sider. Listen to both sides!!!!
Record and cover are in Mint condition.

Cover/Vinyl: VG+/EX offer

Peter Jacques + Quadriga - Keyboard Flashes SOLD

EMI Records

Seldom seen Swiss only cosmic jazz funk lp released in 1975 on EMI Switzerland.
Incredible lost gem conducted by Peter Jacques, piano, electric piano, clavinet, Hammond, Arp synthesizers featuring Terry Cox on drums, Daryl Runswick on bass and Sigi Schwab on guitar.
Listen to the long soundclip to give you an idea including the heavy jazz funk track, "Chicken Pickin" with fat break, great Fender Rhodes, cosmic string synthesizer and cool guitar solo, check the lounge groove version of the Stevie Wonder track, "Bird Of Beauty" with open break, dreamy synthesizer, there is also the traditional track, "Doodle" reworked by Peter Jacques containing also a fat open break, the dreamy "Once Upon The Time", the jazz fusion number, "G-How Nice" and to finish the brazil jazz cut, "Cancao" written by Edu Lobo!!!
This copy has some superficial marks, plays excellent.
The cover shows a light wear on the edges and corners,no seam split.

Cover/Vinyl: VG++/NM offer

Pierre Cavalli - Big Brother is Watching You SOLD

Tell Records

Rare lp composed and arranged by Pierre Cavalli. Brass section is lead by Benny Bailey and strings section by Eugene Tiel. The sound engineer is Stephen Sulke!!!! I sell the original Swiss first pressing on Tell Records, much rarer than the italian issue on Joker.
This album is for me underestimated. It contains some splendid tracks like "the toad" with its wah wah guitar, superb string, and brass arrangements. "Winter wind" including fuzzy guitar, killer drums, low fi acoustic guitar and organ, and classy string orchestra or "plant a seed" with its great electro acoustic guitar and fuzz guitar work. The rest of the lp is great too, more bossa, pop, lounge, and folk oriented ...
Beautiful gatefold sleeve and cool cover art.
The record is flawless, a beautiful copy.!!! The cover shows light wear on the down edge and a little crease on the down left corner.

Cover/Vinyl: VG+/VG++ offer

Thomas Moeckel - Centrifuge SOLD

Heteor Records

Seldom seen original Swiss press from 1981.
Great 80's soul jazz / jazz fusion lp produced by Thomas Moeckel, the guitarist on the Bruno Spoerri 45, "Les Electroniciens", this is first lp, listen to the great vocal jazz fusion track, "Steve & Edgar" and the cosmic jazz funk track, "Superjunk" with great synths, mutron guitar and Fender Rhodes solos!!
This copy has just some superficial marks, plays excellent!!
Light wear on corners and edges.